New Providence Park Restrictions

How are you dealing with the new restrictions at Providence Park for Thorns/Timbers games? Only clear bags allowed, so what do you do with your bike-y gear?

I’ve gone to games with a clear bag. It’s big enough to hold my seat bag, water bottle, frame pump, lights… all the essentials. You don’t have to put your helmet in the bag. And they haven’t questioned me having my (obviously non-clear) seat bag in the clear bag. So far, so good.


Thanks, that’s helpful. I’m also concerned about my ebike battery. It’s easily removable (not lockable) and have been stressing about whether they’ll let me bring it in.

I would hope they would understand. You could try calling the office and explain that you can’t leave the battery on the bike and see what they suggest.

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Did they let you bring the bike battery in?

I took your suggestion and called the office. They said I can bring it in as long as it will fit in the clear bag. I ended up riding one of my non-ebikes on Sunday (I’m a Thorns annual member). I think the battery will fit, so I’ll probably take them up on it in the future. Thanks!

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