New eBike Nonprofit

In lieu of/or until Local & State leaders start providing subsidies for those buying bicycles and eBikes (as opposed to CHARGING A TAX for new bikes over a certain $ amount, as they do now), I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new non-profit that helps provide free and/or subsidized eBikes (and eCargo Bikes) to low income individuals, with a focus on marginalized/BIPOC communities.

We could partner with local eBike shops (eBike Store, Clever Cycle, Splendid Cycles, etc.) and/or eBike manufacturers (Gazelle, VanMoof, Riese & Muller, Rad Power Bikes, etc.) to provide free or discounted bikes to the program.

We would also raise funds to purchase bikes and bike gear (which we could hopefully receive at discounted prices).

We’d create an application and criteria for those applying… and/or partner with other organizations already working with the communities/individuals we’re trying to reach to find those that would benefit the most from an eBike.

Could potentially do regular bikes as well for those without easy access to charging options for an eBike.

I own/run a business, but have never started/run a non-profit before. So throwing out the idea to see if anyone with a little more expertise in this area might want to partner with me on this or has any thoughts on the feasibility.

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Sounds cool. So long as it doesn’t have to fund posh senior administrator wages and the executive director is a volunteer.