New convicted felon PBOT director's credential: "Lying on tax documents in connection to a federal corruption investigation."

This person with a felony conviction for “lying on tax documents in connection to a federal corruption investigation.”. source: Transportation Bureau hire has felony conviction

She joined City of Portland PBOT and worked there from 2017-2021

She went to work for Otak ( Otak Welcomes Millicent Williams as New Regional Director OR & SW Washington - OTAK )

Then, in July of this year, she returned to PBOT as the director. WTF? Portland’s transportation agency, at funding crossroads, gets a new leader -


wow. right out of the box we got another “winner” running that bureau.

Case l:13-cr-00063-JDB Document 1 Filed 02/21/13


Criminal Number:


: Violation:

v. :

: 26 U.S.C. § 7212(a) (Attempting to

MILLICENT D. WEST, : Interfere with the Administration of

: Internal Revenue Laws) Defendant :


The United States Attorney charges that:


(Attempting to Interfere with the Administration of Internal Revenue Laws)

1 . From in or around July 2008 to in or around October 2009, in the District of Columbia, the defendant Millicent D. West (formerly Millicent D. Williams) (“WEST”), was the Director and Chief Executive Officer of PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP # 1, a District of Columbia non-profit organization that had tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”).
From in or around January 2009 until in or around August 201 0, in the District of Columbia, WEST did corruptly endeavor to obstruct and impede the due administration of the internal revenue laws by facilitating the preparation of grant documents that were materially false in that the documents represented that PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP # 1 issued a grant of District of Columbia funds to an organization that was tax-exempt under Section
501(c)(3) of the IRC, when in truth and in fact, as WEST then knew, the true beneficiaries of the grant funds were political entities and individuals that were neither tax-exempt nor otherwise eligible to receive the funds. WEST further knew that the false grant documents would be relied upon by the auditors and accountants for PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP # 1 for the preparation of a false U.S. Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, Form 990 for the period October 1, 2008, through September 30, 2009 for PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP # 1 . Because WEST knew that the grant documents she caused to be prepared were false, WEST knew that the Form 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service for the period of October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009 that included representations based on these false documents would necessarily be false, and would thereby conceal from the Internal Revenue Service the true beneficiaries of the grant funds.

(Attempt to Interfere with the Due Administration of the Internal Revenue Laws In violation of Title 26, United States Code, Section 7212(a)).

(source: DocumentCloud )

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Sounds like she’s perfect for Portland. Uggh.