Neighborhoods for cyclists

Hi! I’m planning to move to Portland and am trying to figure out what neighborhoods to look at. I will be working from home so getting out of the house (walking or biking) is important, but even more importantly I want to road cycle for exercise (spandex, etc) and wonder if there is a neighborhood that is close to hills without too much traffic. Naively it seems like St John’s is good because it’s ten minutes to Forest Park and surrounding area. If I’m way off please tell me! Thank you! So looking forward to being part of your community!

Sorry, but have you actually been to Portland? I’d rethink moving to this city or at least consider a surrounding area first.

You’re on the right track by looking at St. Johns. I live out east now and miss the easy access to the west hills.


I agree that St Johns is good for a serious road cyclist. And there’s plenty of flat out there if you don’t want hills every day.