Negative votes still happening

Jonathan, I noticed a -1 score on this post (an upvote returned it to zero):

So there’s still a hole in the voting input that allows someone to stuff in a negative value. :frowning:

I can confirm that for anyone with a bit of web development experience it is trivially easy to downvote comments. I won’t provide any more detail since I don’t want to give a public how-to on it. I’m not sure if Jonathan can fix it though since I believe he is using some commenting plug-in with limited customization.


Seems like the vote tally is just a number, the comments don’t seem to get removed or hidden if they go negative. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Honestly, I could appreciate negative reactions to my comments. I’m not always right. An echo chamber of rainbows and sunshine doesn’t sound very helpful anyway.

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