N Interstate Avenue & N Dixon Street chop shop graveyard

This spot under the Interstate Avenue south bound is where bike thieves apparently go to stash and burn unwanted bike parts. The space underneath is meant to be secured against access with a heavy duty grating, but you can see the entire grating has been ripped off the side. I don’t know what agency is responsible for maintenance but perhaps this won’t get repaired until Interstate Avenue road traffic is disrupted by a bum fire damaging the structure. The photos are from a couple months ago. If it’s repaired already great, if not, hopefully, it will be soon.
One thing agencies could be doing is to more proactively look for damage like this and expeditiously repair it to minimize the delay in discovery of chop shop activity by eliminating stash spots.

https://goo.gl/maps/tnSkRJNWdYnxfHxc7 @ 45.533972, -122.672944


Well, PBOT already knows, because they were awared soon after this was discovered. I haven’t got around to checking it, but if it’s still not fixed, it means the responsibility falls on a different organization or PBOT has blown it off.

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