Movies and accessibility

hello. created this account to make this post.

as things reopen and with social distancing, i’d like to address that different people miss certain aspects of pre covid life because we are all individuals and different things work differently for each and every one of us. for me, i miss the movies.

last fall the oregon film festival (if i remember correctly) did a bunch of drive in style events that did not include cyclists. i emailed and asked if i could take my bike in as a car of one. i was told that i could not. this was disappointing and also seemed discriminatory. myself and a number of service industry workers do not have cars. also their “partner up with people you know” did not apply. i was isolating in place. no polycule no fwb.

but i did have money to go see a movie and i wanted them to take it. to plan an event in 2020/1 in portland even in a pandemic and not take cyclists into account is asinine at best and craven at worst. like i wanted to rent a car just to see “the great outdoors” on the big screen.

flat out, cyclist dollars are just as green as the person coming through in a hummer.

one thing i really miss is going to the movies. the northwest film center did a great run last fall and i wanted to take it in and i was turned away because the organizers here in portland, oregon had zero accommodation for bikes.


the hollywood theater is now going to do shows at the zidell yards. will there be cyclist accommodation? because we are consumers and we spend money too.

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I sure hope they will accommodate cyclists and people that want to arrive by transit. That location is right next to Tilikum Crossing. There is gold plated bike, pedestrian and transit infrastructure literally right next door. South Waterfront is actually more accessible by transit and active transportation than it is by car. It is a no brainer to allow people to attend movies there (rather than cars) and to not discriminate by mode of transportation. The Zidells are not the most enlightened folks in the world, from what I hear, but I think that Hollywood Theatre knows where their bread is buttered, at least. If they don’t open it up to cyclists, they will be fools.

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And I’m right there with you on missing being able to attend movies in crowded theaters. I’ve watched a ton of movies on the small screen in the last year. But it could never be the same.

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i would be hopeful too but the northwest film project was obstinate and difficult. like if i’m willing to pay the full car $35 and sit in the lawn chair i brought can i see the movie? NO BIKES PEASANT.

okay. thanks for the clarification that i’m less than you because i don’t have enough money to buy or rent a car and i choose differently.


If anyone finds out these organizations “bike policies” please post. Thanks!