More Carnage in Portland, ? Another pedestrian killed by a motorcyclist in SE Portland

Another day, another death in Portland. Imagine this was a pedestrian but it seems murders, shootings and traffic violence are now so common we get limited news coverage.
Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland doesn’t put much on his blog anymore about Vision Zero because he appears to want to keep “his head in the sand” and not want to be critical of PBOT leader Joann Hardesty. Many in Portland feel you can’t criticize a leader who is BIPOC. This is really weird and insulting to those leaders. Additionally, when someone raises concerns about violent happenings in PDX they try to dismiss it or normalize it by saying “It’s everywhere”. This is really sad and counterproductive since we live in Portland and traffic violence is NOT ok.

Even dangerous to be a pedestrian in a store parking lot in Portland. Yikes. Guess more shopping on Amazon? “There was a lady actually standing in between both their cars so at the last second, she was able to get out of the way,”.

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Kind of like the person in the article saying how you see this stuff and you never believe it would happen to you.
I used to think like that, but I’ve come to the sad realization that I could be one drunk/druggie going off away from injuries or even losing one’s life. I take MAX to work, and I have to be on total alert and observe who’s around me. When I’m in store same thing. My local grocery store now had 3 security guards when they used to only have the door greater.
It’s really sad that this has what it’s become to live in Portland. And yes, I’d move in a heart beat but job and family so far take precedence but eventually that may change.


Where would you move to that doesn’t have skyrocketing drug related crime? Particularly in Oregon where Measure 110 has thrown out the welcome mat for the rest of the nation’s drug criminals?

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Good question. Most other locales at least have a functional police force/working 911 system and less tolerance for those not accepting of the social contract. Hence the absolute boom of the Portland exurbs (Beaverton, Lake Oswego) and further locales such as Hood River, Bend, Astoria, etc.

Yep, I get it. It really is sad. I am stuck in Portland for awhile as well. But am planning and looking forward to my escape. . It will be a good day.

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