MonkeyLectric (wheel lights) just went out of business

MonkeyLectric (wheel lights) just went out of business just as I was going to purchase/install them from a local Portland bike shop.
They are supposed to have a 2 year warranty but Monkeylectric said they would likely honor warranties through winter and perhaps beyond.
I decided not to buy them.
Any ideas for other QUALITY bright wheel/frame lights for night riding that won’t fail? Thanks.


That is sad. Their lights were manufactured in California. Maybe ask Sinewave Cycles if they know of a spoke light.

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I don’t see anything about it on their website.

They messaged me with their closing down info on Facebook after I made some inquiries.
Out of business. No warranty guaranteed (normally 2 years) beyond the end of 2020. So bummed as I was planning to buy.

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thanks re: sinewave.

I still have the monkeylectric light I bought in 2009, fully operational. I don’t think the status of the company should stop you from having a darn cool, quality light.