Money Needs Going Forward

So, how much money per monty are we talking about?

And are you thinking about a monthly charge to participate or what?

The site is valuable to me but I don’t have enough info to come up with any sort of response beyond questions.

Happy 2023 cycling (that would be a really low third ring and a moderate rear cog - not my choice)

Many places are begging for people to work for them.

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Portland Business Journal
Much of Oregonlive with the Subscriber Exclusive crap
Portland Tribune
and many others have gone to subscriber only.

You’d have to be selective about what you’re going to pay. Not many people can afford to throw money at every publication they’re even slightly interested in reading.

Hi there! Regarding the amount of money per month, it really depends on how often you use the site and what features you would like to access. We do offer a range of options to fit different budgets, and we strive to make our service accessible to as many people as possible. As for a monthly charge, we do offer both free and paid membership options. Our Joy Wallet membership includes access to additional features and benefits, such as personalized budgeting tools and exclusive discounts. However, we understand that not everyone may want or need these extras, so we also offer a free basic membership. We’re glad to hear that our site is valuable to you, and we’re always happy to provide more information to help you make an informed decision.