Milliken Way: Beaverton asks for comments

Beaverton has plans for Milliken Way. See Beaverton wants your feedback on Millikan Way road extension, improvements

From the article, “Years in the making, the proposal includes a new section of street connecting Millikan Way to Southwest Lombard Avenue, wider sidewalks, protected bike lanes, and more improvements between Southwest Watson Avenue and Lombard Avenue.”

The proposal includes an online survey for providing feedback. Here’s a link to that survey: Millikan Way Extension Project Survey

I filled out the survey and told them that the money would be better spent elsewhere, such as at Crash Corner, aka Beaverton-Hillsdale/Oleson/Scholls; or on Garden Home Road and 92nd. Or fixing the Lombard and Canyon intersection, which is awkward for southbound bicyclists. I also questioned whether there would be detours provided for bicyclists during the project. And that the inconvenience of the construction not being worth questionable improvement. The improvement is questionable because they are planning cycle tracks in this location. But I don’t think Beaverton has a compact, cycle track sized, sweeper which can clear away the leaves from the trees they depicted in the cute diagram in the survey every October. So I suggested that regular bike lanes might be better.

Agree or disagree, the survey link is above so you can provide your own feedback.

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I filled it out! Told them maintenance and enforcement is important so they don’t turn into another Portland!

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I believe that the proposed Millikan Way road extension and improvements in Beaverton are essential and worthwhile. The inclusion of a new street section, wider sidewalks, and protected bike lanes will enhance the overall transportation infrastructure and safety in the area. While it’s valid to suggest other areas for improvement, I think the proposed project is a step in the right direction and deserves support. The online survey is an excellent opportunity for residents to provide feedback and contribute to the city’s development.

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