Measure 26-218 Let’s Get Moving 2020

You may find ballots in your mailbox this week so let’s talk about Measure 26-218 Let’s Get Moving 2020!

This measure funds “off-street biking and walking facilities, and traffic signal and intersection upgrades.”

Of course, there’s a business funded opposition to this and you may have seen ads on your TV or computer via YouTube.

So what say you, BikePortland Forum community? What are your opinions on this?

I’ll share mine. It’s a small tax to pay. Literally none of the businesses pictured in the negative ads will actually pay this tax which will affect less than 10% of local businesses and it does deliver substantial improvements to the area. I talked to my local officials about this measure and am voting for it.

Here’s a news segment about the measure.

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Read Joe Cortright for my reaction to it (sorry, don’t have time to find the link), but I’m voting for it anyway. It will give active transportation more crumbs than we usually get, and it will do nothing to cut down transportation-caused emissions. Climate change? What climate change?

Probably this one?

He nicely puts the TLDR in bullet points at the top, which I appreciate. Among his points are that paying for the measure through the gas tax instead of payroll tax would amount to a $0.30/gal increase. Which to be honest, doesn’t sound like such a bad way to fund it.

A gas tax would totally be an appropriate way to pay for this. However, gas taxes are difficult to pass, especially so in Oregon. I have been lobbying for higher gas taxes since the oil price crash of 2014. Gas tax should really be collected per cost and not volume but that too seems like a political non-starter.

Still Joe’s problems with this measure aren’t so much that this is a bad measure but rather that it’s not the way he would have done it. It’s also not the way I would have done it either but it still carries us forward. So I’m not going to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. If someone’s argument is that there’s a better way, then also present how far along that better way is and the prospect of me or the legislature voting on it. If no such prospect exists, then I’m going to vote on what’s before me. Want to improve it? Be my guest, Joe.

I’m still voting for this.


That’s a non-starter because gas tax is collected at the wholesale level. This makes administration of the tax significantly easier / cheaper. The price paid by the consumer isn’t known when the tax is collected.

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I totally voted against it.

I hate the MAX, though not as much as the streetcar, and I refuse to use these new protected green bike lanes I keep running into because I think their design is poor, they take up room wider vehicle lanes would have made better use of, and they’re just stupidly expensive and retardedly political.

Wouldn’t just widening the normal traffic lanes effect much more for much less idiotic fanfare and unnecessary cost? Most of my riding concerns consist of dunderheads in SUVs not having enough room to maneuver safely because some other dunderhead in an SUV parked theirs a foot away from the curb or is spending half an hour trying to park it.

Besides, this city’s so stupid with money, I’d raise my eyebrows less and experience fewer regrets giving my spare change to a scabrous troglodyte dope fiend.