Marine Drive MUP

Wow! Rode the MUP between 42nd X-ing and 32nd and was very pleasantly surprised to see major clean up. Just a few weeks back I rode it and thought won’t be long and blackberry creepers will cover the whole path. But today the surrounding fields were mowed, blackberries cut back to nothing and all debris cleared from path. Thank you PDX maintenance, it looks great keep up the good work :+1:


Yes! This was bothering me for a long time but I never called it in. So glad to see it cleaned up over the weekend. Makes a huge difference. I just wish they would have done it during peak riding season.

It’s cyclical. They finally got the area by PSU SW 12th avenue cleaned up, which has been a total chaos since the beginning of year, but historical trend shows tumor comes back at same spots repeatedly with exceptions such as the Reed College Parkway in the Eastmoreland neighborhood.