Lumos helmets: opinions?

Lumos is doing a KickStarter for a helmet with integrated lights. I don’t normally buy helmets online, but I need a new one, and I like the idea of a helmet with lights, so I’m backing it for now. I’m nervous about buying a helmet without being able to try out the fit, though. This is not Lumos’ first helmet. Does anyone have experience with their previous product(s)? Do they vent reasonably well? Hold up over time?

The KS is at They are running a referral program, and so using that link helps me out. I hesitated to include that link, so the non-referral link is if you dislike the selfish flavor of a referral link.

I’m not a fan of highly specialized and integrated safety equipment like this. If you get one knock on your helmet, it is supposed to be done for good. The function of a bike helmet is to take on the compression force and slow the deceleration of your head hitting the pavement so your brain doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the trauma (and if it’s MIPS certified, it does work to prevent torsion trauma to your neck). So one little knock on your helmet (inducing if you drop it form a high height while not wearing it), and you shouldn’t be wearing it anymore. Now your fancy, expensive, and highly specialized lighting system must be chucked with the helmet.

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I got a helmet they released last year (the Matrix), because I thought it would be fun to have light-up patterns on the back of my head during group rides. I’ve been happy so far; it’s comfortable and I like having extra lights (in case my regular light dies, or is stolen), and it’s fun to have messages or patterns while riding.

It’s not too tight, but weirdly, I do get marks on my head that last about 15 minutes after taking it off that makes it look like it’s been on too tight.

I haven’t really worn it in sweltering heat, but it seems like it’s not quite as breathable as my last helmet (Bern Allston), which had a similar style. I also wish it had a little more coverage in the front (a removable visor or just a protruding front).

That said, the new model they have looks promising and I like how much cheaper it is than mine. If I were looking for some extra lights on my head, I’d consider it. (@squareman makes good points about long-lasting durability if you’re spending a lot extra for lights, though.)

I don’t own one myself, but I have seen them on other riders. They sure do make you more visible. I can’t attest to their durability or comfort or anything else though.

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A good light has a much longer service life than a helmet, putting a light on a helmet is no big deal, and you can move it around as you need.

This strikes me as a gimmick, and the venting looks more than subpar, but the price point isn’t awful so if you want it, then why not?


You said it with far fewer words than I did. :slight_smile:

Your points (squareman) did cross my mind, but only one of my last four helmets has been retired due to impact, so I’m willing to play the odds on that front.

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Yeah, you’ve pretty much nailed my thoughts as well. They say it’s more vented, but compared to my other helmets it doesn’t look like all that much airflow, hence the question about venting.

I’ve never done lights on my helmet before, so the improved visibility is attractive. I could do my own lights-on-helmet setup, but would it be as convenient? Anybody willing to share what they consider a good lights-on-helmet setup they like?

(Another thing it’s probably time to add to my list: a go-pro. Maybe that’s a good thread for another time.)

Highly recommended. I have not needed it for a legal sense yet for either a collision or a ticket, but I’ve been very happy to have it. I have been able to positively identify a few professional drivers and contact their employers when they’ve pulled unsafe maneuvers. Case in point:

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I like the engineering of that Lumos helmet. The extra light could be helpful at any given time.

All you really need is a decent light that comes with an available helmet mount which you can adjust to point however you like.

Typically, these attach very easily via strap through the vents and the light can be removed in a couple seconds without disturbing the mount. As a double bonus, motorists often mistake a rechargeable light on the helmet for a camera when it’s not on, helping encourage courteous behaviors.

Do you know how long the life of a bicycle helmet is? It’s about 3-5 years. That’s so gratifying, but I think you should change your helmet after a collision to ensure your safety when traveling on the road. Because the foam inside the helmet is designed to be used only once, an impact, no matter how strong or light, can weaken the helmet’s foam lining. Or after a hard drop on the surface, there may be some cracks and damage that you cannot see, but this reduces the effectiveness of your helmet in the future.

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