Looking to buy - any good bike selling sites?

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I am looking to buy a Kona MinUte. Are there other bike-selling sites I should be looking at, other than C-list and Fb?
Thank you all!

If you are really intent on a specific make/model, you can expand the Craigslist search area…It seems like central Oregon/ Bend area has a really active selling market, and it’s usually about 20% less than the Portland area. Always worth a look on the “Offer Up” app, they recently merged with “Letgo” the other big buy/sell app out there… Websites: “The Pros Closet”…“eBay”…and I’ve scored a few deals on Nextdoor as well. Good Luck!

Pinkbike. Sellwood Cycles is an excellent Kona dealer. I would definitely check with them first.

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We have some great used bike shops in town. Yes Sellwood. Also check Community Cycling Center on Alberta and Kenton Cycle Repair and North Portland Bike Works on Killingsworth


Be sure to check serial numbers before buying, at both 529 Garage and Bike Index. Check 'em both to be sure. Reputable bike shops like all those mentioned here so far use them, so so should anyone buying from less reputable sources. (Offer Up and Let Go have poor reputations when it comes to selling hot goods.)


Hey there is a Kona Ute at the Community Cycling Center right now Fyi. $ 800, Good Luck!

The thing looks mint BTW