Looking for secure bike shed

Does anyone have suggestions for a secure bike shed to store two bikes. I would like something with a locking door and some connectors on the inside to lock the bikes to for extra protection. I don’t want to spend more than $500. I have looked online and I can’t find one I like or that has secure points inside and I prefer to buy locally if possible.
If you have experience building one I would love to hear as well

I just store mine inside the parking garage since bikes don’t occupy too much space. I saw this video on Youtube maybe you would want to give it a try.

Hi Dskpdx… Great question! We’ve covered these a few times on BikePortland but it has been many years. Here are a few photos readers have shared in the past in case they’re any help/inspiration to you.
bikeshed1 bikeshed2 bikeshed3 sheddiy2
I also recall this awesome photo gallery from Friend of BP Ted T - shed - tedder

Another local resource for very good secure racks is Huntco - https://huntco.com/ (and they’re also a BP supporter!)

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Thanks for the info. Our office building bike room have a number if those lockers Hunt Lockers (no one uses them).

Thanks for the video.

A relatively cheap 'n easy low tech possibility would be to simply get a plastic garden shed that can be secured with a lock. Then, secure your bikes to a bicycle staple you’ve mounted inside using at least 1/2" hardened security chain. If the place you need to install is not already over concrete, mixing up a bit yourself won’t be that big a deal. Come to think of it, you can save some bucks by forgetting the staple and anchoring the chain directly into the concrete or something that weighs at least a couple hundred pounds.

This will be safer than a “real” bicycle shed. The exterior lock is just to deter honest people as anyone can cut a lock in a second or simply rip through a regular door with a bar.


I went through this a few years ago. We previously had a Tuff Shed where we stored our commuter bikes and other stuff. It never felt very secure given that it was locked with a padlock. Fortunately, we were never broke into.
We built an ADU and lost the shed. I think you really are going to get what you pay for. I ended up buying a Huntco bike locker. It is definitely out of your $500 limit. Mine stores 2 bikes and cost about $2100. I like that I can use my U-lock to lock it. I realize that it can be cut through, but it would be very brazen to fire up an angle grinder in my driveway/back of the house.
Huntco is local, so that’s a bonus.
Good luck.