Looking for Diamondback Haanjo owners in PDX

Hey, what’s up. My name’s Ethan, a cinematographer in west PDX and I’m putting this post up on behalf of Diamondback Bikes.

Diamondback is looking for 1-2 individuals who happen to own their own Haanjo and have a small amount of time available to tell the camera what they like about it. It doesn’t pay but Diamondback is happy to slide over some gift cards and also Diamondback swag to compensate you for your time; Plus you get to be “on the youtubes” obviously. Me, I’m doing it mostly to put on my portfolio as “something I can do, and here’s proof”.

I’ll be doing all the setup, the actual shooting, editing and so on and if possible i’d like to be in-and-out in under two hours. There will also be a minute or less of B-Roll footage of you actually riding the bike while the dialogue is going on.

Super simple stuff! I don’t know if it’s kosher to put your contact details on this forum or not so I’ll just leave my email and phone and if it’s not cool, mods feel free to sanitize it.

Stay safe!

-Ethan Casner

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