Looking for an Xtracycle part

I’m looking for a “front attachment plate” for my old Xtracycle Free Radical conversion kit. I lost this part the last time that I disassembled the bike and moved. Since then, I’ve learned that Xtracycle has discontinued this part (all parts for Free Radical kits), so my best bet is just to find one still out there somewhere. I’ve tried Clever Cycles, Splendid Cycles, River City Bicycles, the Community Cycling Center, and City Bikes. I have craigslist and ebay searches going. Any other suggestions? Anyone happen to have this part and not need it?

You can see the part in the top right of this diagram - it’s a 3" wide slab of trapezoidal aluminum that can receive a bolt. Nothing special. https://www.xtracycle.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Xtracycle-FreeRadical-Anatomy.pdf

I just happened to have changed a rear flat on my old xtracycle a few minutes ago, so I took a close look at the plate and can assure you it is nothing special, other than the trapezoid shape that allows the plate edges to be flush with the chainstays. I think at any hardware or big box store you can rummage and find something that will work if you use a hack saw to the angle the sides. A mounting bracket intended to span an electrical box may work and have a center hole already. Good luck.

Thanks. This weekend, I set it up with some giant washers from A-Boy and some rubber shims left over from handlebar-mounted headlights. Test ride felt as solid as the old front attachment piece. So far, so good.