Looking for a Facebook Post!

strong text I am looking for someone who recently posted at Springwater Matters on Facebook. Really, I am looking for what this person posted. It was in an article he wrote, He expounded on the issues of the bike paths in Portland. He sounded so defeated. I really just want to help him. And here I am in Upstate New York!

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Hmmm…didn’t see that post but most everyone is defeated about the state of bike paths in Portland except the bike “advocates”. Our paths are generally full of trash and often not safe.
Incredibly most bike “advocates” and the nonprofits are silent on this issue and then act surprised as bike share is way down in Portland. I personally never ride on our bike paths any longer. Thank for trying to help us from afar.

I really appreciate your kind intentions to help out! Unfortunately, I haven’t come across that specific post. It’s great that you’re eager to make a positive impact. Regarding bike path issues, I think, many share similar concerns. From my perspective, tackling bike path issues might need engaging with local authorities, not relying only on Facebook posts.