Look out for driver of light-color Mini, OR plate 805MRS

While we were going 35+ mph down NW Brooks from Skyline on Friday, 12/3/21, the driver of a light-color Mini, OR plate 805MRS, laid on their horn and then buzzed us. They then cut in front of us and hit the brakes, blocking us until we got to Kaiser Rd. It was intentional, reckless harassment. YouTube video: Harassment at 35+ mph OR plate 805MRS - YouTube

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That is very sad. wow

I’d recommend taking this footage to the local police station this occurred in and writing a citizens citation since you have their plate number. You have grounds for a reckless driving charge here.


I’ve looked into filing a complaint in other cases. Since I cannot identify the person driving, I don’t think the case would get very far.

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Similar issues in the past, the cops say, “how do I know the owner of the vehicle was driving? It’s not fair to cite them if I don’t know.” Which is a complete load of crap. The owner of the vehicle is always responsible for how it is used, even if they don’t use it. Cops will be cops. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’d really love to have my opinion changed. I’ll keep watching for some evidence to sway me.