Local fender flaps?

Any local business design/make fender flaps?

The rain is coming. Fender flaps are so great during the rainy season. Is there anyone local who makes or could make custom fender flaps.

Lots of local iconography would lend itself to this. The Doug flag (flag of Cascadia), the Portland flag, that cross-arrows PNW symbol, the Timbers/Trailblazers/Thorns/MLB PDX…

checkout https://buddyflaps.com/ maybe?

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Walnut Studiolo has Bicycle Fender Leather Mud Flaps - Walnut and they used to be in Portland. They’re still in the state, but now in Nehalem. And there’s always the DIY cut-to-shape plastic bottle.

A bunch of local bike shops have custom flaps with their logos. Try Metropolis Cycles or Sellwood

Thanks for this. I did reach out to BuddyFlaps, but have not received a response.

A bike fender can reduce Aerodynamic drag. Full coverage mudguards or those with 135° coverage can reduce the aerodynamic drag, based on a study conducted by the SAE in 2019.

If you are thinking “Are bike fenders worth it?”, you must first consider the terrain and the weather that you commonly experience in your location. There is also no harm in trying a front-fender bicycle first or quick-release mudguards as a trial and see if they fit your cycling needs.