List of local bike shops?

Hi there used to be a great and very comprehensive list of all the local bike shops in the Portland area on this site.

Looks like it’s only sponsors now, anyone know where to find a similar list elsewhere?


I don’t know of any master list as there has been lots of turnover with shops the last couple years.

If it was I looking for a shop I’d do an internet search on one of the “map” sites that would show me where many are located.

In Lieu of the definitive list, here is a partial, [Bicycle Shops in Portland |]
I found a shop close to my house that I didn’t know about off this list.

Hi there, I maintain the list of bike shops for PBOT on I strive to keep it complete and up-to-date for the City of Portland. Since you characterized the list as partial I’d be interested to learn what’s missing.


As an aside, I also try to ensure that all the shops in Portland are shown on (you have to click the Layers button above the legend to turn these on). Again, be happy to learn of any I’ve missed.

Thanks for posting here BikeMapGuy!

Yes, we stopped maintaining the list several years ago. Not everything can be free because this is a business and it’s how I earn my living (and pay other people so they can survive too), so I swapped that space in the sidebar for only paying businesses. But this thread is a good reminder that we should get our links list (what we used to call a “blogroll” in the old days) updated. We are close to launching a new site so the timing is good.

Also BTW, our links list is still online, just on a page that’s hard to find -