Lisa Caballero’s article on PBOT/BES wasteful use of tax dollars get linked in KOIN article

This is the saga of our work from home, ideologically obsessed municipal government of Portland. It’s not working for the people.
Thanks to Lisa for bringing this to light.

PDX PBOT… this… and now the bike lane screw up on 33rd

Then, rogue PDX PBOT employees and cronies swept up “abandoned” and illegally diverted them to chop shop at one point.

Sorry, not following this comment. Diverted what?

I’m not surprised you couldn’t really make sense at first. It’s so outrageous that it goes outside reasonable comprehension.

So, back in 2010s, there was a string of vehicles from street being taken as scrap metal. Tow truck drivers were tipped off of those cars by a PDX PBOT employee

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And now PBOT has a convicted felon as their director. LOL.