Let's build a more bikeable America

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Let’s build a more bikeable America.

Better places to bike can mean healthier and happier people, lower household transportation costs, reduced healthcare expenses, less road congestion and stronger local economies.

According to a recent study by PeopleForBikes, more than 100 million Americans ride bikes, but 52% of them worry about being hit by a motor vehicle. Meanwhile, 96% of people feel safer riding in protected bike lanes, according to a Portland State University study.

With a historic $13 billion in federal funding available to improve community bike trails, now is our chance to help people across America enjoy safer, more accessible places to bike. That’s why PeopleForBikes launched the Great Bike Infrastructure Project – to make America the best place to bike in the world.

By working with local partners to identify critical areas of need and improvements most desired, this program has already facilitated hundreds of miles of improved bike infrastructure in five cities. We’re partnering with PeopleforBikes to scale it to a city near you. But first, we need you pedaling alongside us.

Take action with REI and PeopleForBikes by adding your voice to the pledge in support of The Great Biking Infrastructure Project.