Lack of Pedestrian safety in Portland, dog attack

A well known pastry chef and business owner (Pix Patesserie) was just savagely attacked by a dog while jogging in Portland.

If womyn can’t safely use our streets for exercise or human powered transportation how will we ever decrease our reliance on cars?

I hope Cheryl can recover quickly.

Cheryl’s Instagram post on the troubling incident:

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Here’s a news report on it.

Yes, but we shouldn’t judge our “houseless neighbors” too harshly. The dog’s owner was so upset he had to OD on Fentanyl after the incident.


It just gets worse. This dog’s owner has allowed it to chase bicyclists and attack and injure other dogs.

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There is a way out of this. If we just invest MORE money into the homeless industrial complex, our troubles are over dude.

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Here’s the dog owner’s current vehicle. Use caution if you’re walking or riding. Dog is not safe.

It just gets worse and worse.

Hard to believe how dysfunctional Portland and Multnomah have become:

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“it’s like this everywhere”

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