Kid's bike stolen near Foster/50th

I spaced last night, and forgot to remove my kid’s bikes from the back of the car last night, after a short jaunt around the neighborhood. Woke up this morning and one is gone - it’s special to us because she learned how to ride on it.
Pretty long shot, but thought I’d post here in case someone spots it. It’s the same as this image, without trainers or a basket.

I don’t have much info of use to offer for your particular use, but bike thefts usually involve drug dealers and vagrant drug addicts.

I found this torn apart kid’s bike in bushes some year or so ago in ODOT bushes not visible form passenger vehicle or bicyclist POV right in middle of this flower bushes

All I can suggest is check inside large bushes, particular those on ODOT property.

Thanks - appreciate your input!

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