Kids bike service recommendations? 16" coaster to freewheel conversion needed

I’m looking to find a shop that would be game to replace a coaster brake on an islabikes cnoc 16 with a freewheel (it already has a rear handbrake). Any recommendations?

Actually converting the hub is probably not the way to go, compared to just buying a whole new wheel. The Wheelmaster (house brand of wholesaler JBI) part number 640440 wheel retails for $40 and most bike shops should be able to order it for you. Then you’ll just need to add a singlespeed freewheel for another $10 or so. All easy enough to install if you can change a flat. Can you deactivate the coaster brake by monkeying with the hub? I think so. Is it worth the trouble? Probably not.

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Thanks for this advice and the specific part # rec! The replacement of the whole wheel is what I meant in general, so I edited the sloppy “hub” out of my title, amateur error!

Right on! Happy to help. I work at a local bike shop so I’m pretty handy at tracking down parts.