Just discovered a forums feature that I appreciate

Go to any profile and you can find this for that particular user:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 13 Sep 15.46.18

You can set if for a particular timeframe.


Thanks for the tip Squareman.

Thanks for the tip, Squareman! The internet’s a better place with killfiles to block unwanted stuff.

Thanks for sharing that tip! I think the tools these forums offer are really fantastic and I’m glad you and others are finding them.

@Jonathan_Maus - Any chance of something similar for the main page/blog? It is unfortunately starting to attract some bad faith actors gumming up the discussion (though perhaps that’s a testament to success, in a way).

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i hear you damiene. Wish we could have the features available here over on the blog. But yes, they are very different spaces in many ways.

Maybe limit how many replies one can do (? per day, ? per week) on the main blog? It sometimes is tiring to see the same people over and over with their same commentary.