ISO gravel bike and/or recommendations

Hello all,
Hope all find you healthy and happy.
I am in search of a gravel bike- new or used (as it seems a lot of peeps are).
Any recommendations? I would like to spend less than $1000 (might be a little flexible).
I am 5’9", 30" inseam.
Any recommendations? Suggestions on stores?
Thank you for your input.
Happy riding!

Community Cycling Center and Citybikes would be my first looks for used bikes. Many “new” shops have trade-ins, too, so check your LBS. All of those have staff who can steer you wisely. Online ads, too, if you’re savvy to those quirks (stolen, high-ballers, know-nothings, damaged or shoddy goods, etc).

I’d be looking for a cro-mo frame in my size, 700c wheels with 36 spokes (32 min), rims and frame compatible with 32mm tires minimum (bigger is better). Bars, cranks, pedals, gears, etc. close to your wants, especially as you near $1K. In that range it should be fully rideable without repair or substantial modification. (Expect to add pedals and saddle, and maybe tires.)

Another route would be building up from a bare used frame for ~$100. Your $1K budget would probably cover it if you do your own wrenching and shop used for some parts. The shops I mentioned can help you there, too.

Surly Trucker and Salsa Vaya are a couple models I’d short list, but there are many more good or better choices.

Hello Alan_1.0,
Hope all find you well.
Thank you for the info!
Yes, I have been looking around. I have a few bikes saved on C-list - 56cm Kona Major Jake, Co-motion, and a Surly…but since I am not in Portland until end of August, I am just researching.
I would rather buy a ready-to-ride bike. Seems like a lot of stores are out of my size bikes for what I want - been looking at Kona Rove, Salsa Journeyman, or something of that sort.
Again, thank you for your response. More info the better.
Have a great ride!

:+1: :+1: on those choices. CX season is coming up fast. Some folks like 'cross bike geometry for gravel, and the start-of-the-season churn might turn up some rides. I think still has a classifieds section to its mailing list.

[second thought…bah…covid…where’s my brain? but still, worth a look]

Hello Alan_1.0,
Thank you for the info about OBRA. I will look into this.
I think the 56 cm Kona is a little big for me. But I am seeing some 54 cm bikes. However, I am leaning to just buying new (for the warranty, tuning, and knowing the bike wasn’t stolen).
My grand plan of worldwide domination is to get the bike by end of September and start putting in the mileage. Buy some sort of van and cover this into a weekend camper.
So, by spring I will be able to do some longer rides/Oregon bike “tours.”
Keep on keepin’ on!

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