Islabikes no more - good alternative for kids?

I have two boys (11 and 13). We have had four different Islabikes between them. They are great bikes, super light, never had any issue. Both boys need new bikes and I just found out there’s no way to get an Islabike in the US anymore.

Is there a similar high quality, lightweight “kids” bike? Probably need a 24 and 27 or whatever the next size up from 24 is.

Side note: loved that Islabikes was a smaller company and not big box bike. One of my boys has a mondraker mountain bike and loves riding it.

We would need this for city riding in SF though. I was thinking a hybrid bike. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Or if anyone knows how to get hands on an islabike in the US, doubly appreciated!

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Craigslist. A new selection every day.
The kids outgrow them so fast I can’t myself see spending a fortune on a series of new bikes.
You can typically recoup the price you paid on Craigslist again two years later when they have outgrown the bike… by putting it back on Craigslist.

Hi! Quality kids’ bikes are one of my favorite things, bordering on obsession. If biking is The Thing you like to do with your kids, getting them on a lightweight bike that is comfortable and fun to ride makes all the difference. The bad news is that bikes and in particular kids’ bikes are largely out of stock everywhere right now. But if you have a month or so to wait, there are lots of great options that didn’t even exist when Isla first pioneered quality kids’ bikes. There is an amazing review site that has guided us to some great purchases, and I highly recommend browsing their in depth reviews. It sounds like you’re probably after a 24 inch and a 26 inch. If you can find something quality on Craigslist, more power to you, but they keep their value so well sometimes you aren’t even saving that much. However, the good news on the flip side of that coin is when you do sell them you’ll get almost all your money back!

The most similar in weight, geometry, price and quality to Islabikes is Woom. They are really the cream of the crop, but they are not cheap and they are backordered to heck right now.

However, we have now had a Priority and a Guardian that we liked just as well as the Islabike we had. I’m particularly buoyant about Guardian’s customer service. Neither of those have a 26 inch bike, though.
We also have a 24 in Raleigh Cadent that was an amazing value, but those are hard to come by these days, supposedly from supply chain shortages.

Some kids can skip a 26 inch bike and go to an XS adult frame so that’s something to keep in mind as you might have an easier time finding one.

If you do decide to go the Craigslist route, be vigilant – there’s a supply shortage out there and it shows. I sold our Priority Start in 7 minutes last week.

Best of luck!

I had the same problem last year and bought my 11 year old an adult extra-small frame bike. It’s really hard to find a large size kid’s bike with disc brakes, internal gears, and belt drive, so adult XS was my best bet. It was used and cost about as much as I sold his Islabikes Beinn24 for.

There are also some interesting ads on Facebook Marketplace that you may want to check.