Is this helpful? PORTLAND climate vandalism

If they had an emergency they could dial 911. The person who’s tires were deflated can get to work via a mode of transit that isn’t one unpredictable statistical human error away from killing someone.

Even if the driver just pumps up their tire and moves on, the message was still spread. For example they complained to KGW and KGW made a news article about it. Goal accomplished.

Could you be more smug and disconnected at the same time? Dial 911? Do you know what that gets you now?


People with privileges often have difficulty seeing what people that don’t, must go through day in day out just to go to work and make a living. It’s a shame that people aren’t more empathetic.


Likewise, it’s a shame that people and humans have accepted 4000lb motor vehicles as a standard way of mobility. Always one statistical human error away from killing others, or those who have ego problems and use their deadly weapon to bully others such as cyclists.

We need a world on bikes and controlled motor vehicles for specific purposes with many safeguards and protocols. This activism here is moving us closer to a world where you don’t have a 1/107 chance of dying in a car crash. A world where my aunt isn’t permanently paralyzed and her parents killed. A world where the privileges you brought up gives us the privilege and right to move yourself without a giant tank surrounding you safely.


What else would you need a car for then taking one to the hospital in an emergency? In my area in Metro Washington Co TVF&R does an amazing job and dispatches firetrucks under standard protocol to medical emergencies as well as ambulances. I don’t live in Portland and can’t speak for that area though, but if you need to rely on a car to get help in an emergency then the problem is the emergency responders. Since when is having a car a standard for being able to get help in an emergency? Do you not see how autonormative and destructive/environmentally insane that is?

And say you need to drive yourself to the hospital in your car, is your life of moral equivalence or greater than putting others lives in danger with say dangerous driving induced by a medical emergency you are having?

If you need the police then you’re fucked period, and a car does nothing in that situation.


Retitle your post without the use of the word vandalism:

Vandalism: “action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.”

  • Oxford Dictionary

Deflating someone’s tires via the valve stem causes no damage to any property. This could go under criminal mischief 3 in Oregon, which is a very petty crime. In my opinion, the message spread via this action far outweighs the “crime” this country and state’s sad laws have created. The SUV’s are the fucking crime and they’re trying to kill me, they need to be outlawed and put in KGW’s articles for killing people, rather than god forbid having to air up your tire on your death machine which is actually preventing real crimes from occurring in the meantime.

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You don’t live in Portland. End of discussion.

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Yeah, I wonder where it is they live that all SUV drivers are just waiting for them to go by and do harm to them.
With that level of paranoia, they should really seek out professional help.

My brother was killed by an automobile driver. Doesn’t make me want to go out and do harm to others like privileged little children seem to do.

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Maus’ paranoia seems to be rubbing off on some of his followers.

You don’t live in Portland. 911 barely answers their phone and they certainly won’t respond to vandalism or property crime. You’re lucky if they have someone available for a physical assault.

I don’t have a SUV but if anyone screws with my car they won’t be happy.

You’re very privileged to live where you do. Not infrequently takes 15 minutes to get a 911 call answered in Portland. Nearly everyday fire stations are understaffed and many are being closed on certain days. Police response is slow if it comes at all. Don’t f with people’s private property nor advocate for it.

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Releasing the air in someone’s tires prevents harm from occurring to others by disabling someone’s vehicle temporarily.

If the property is actively endagearing my life I will encrouage steps being taken to deactivate that property.

And people actively tampering with other people’s property should be dealt with accordingly.