Is this bike rad or meh?

Hi there. As a wedding gift long ago a friend gave me a Bridgestone CB-1 with upgraded parts. Three kids later (and a different bike) I’m clearing out space and have no idea what the quality of this bike is. Here’s the specs:

22in / 56cm CR-MO Oversized tubes frame and 26" wheels
Shimano Deore XT derailleurs
Japanese made Suntour XCT shifters
Front wheel is SunRingle CR-18 with Shimano STX HB-MC33 Parallax HUB and Advanced Brake Track
Rear wheel is Ukai SLR-17 hard anodized rim with Kendra KWEST High Pressure Tire (100psi)
Dia-Compe cantelever brakes with Kool Stop brake pads
Shimano SPD Pedals
Cargo rack
Front and rear fenders

I didn’t see a classifieds on this forum so I’d post it there if there was one. Ok enthusiasts, let me know your thoughts!

Here’s the pics if you want to see:

(Image added by forum admin @Jonathan_Maus)



I vote Rad!

(and thanks for reminding me to add a Classified category. I’ll create it and add this as the first post. If anyone else has things to sell or wants to link to CL listings, feel free! I’d love to see these Forums used as a way for folks to trade, sell, or swap useful used bikes and parts.)

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Awesome! Thanks Jonathan.

I’ll add another Bridgestone and a Giant!

It looks nice, I am sure that someone will purchase it and then restore or modify it to enhance it’s performance and appearance.

Thanks. I have no idea if I’m at the right price point or not at $300. Anyone with bike value insights?

That is a good place to start. Adding OBO (or best offer) can be helpful if you get no nibbles. Depending on the local market you might realize all or most of your asking price, or have to come down some, be patient.
If I got $175 for that bike I don’t think I would feel ripped off.

Been off the forum for a bit but thought I would close out the thread to say I sold it pretty quickly for $300. Thanks for the help.

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