Is Larch Mountain Road open?

I have seen that Columbia River Highway is closed after Larch Mountain Road. But is the ride up Larch Mountain open?

It is still closed. Technically. It should be open but they are taking longer this year due to COVID. Multnomah county site is here Larch Mountain Road | Multnomah County

IMO it makes no sense to have this closure apply to bike/walk. I have been up past the gate once a few weeks ago. It’s all clear. In the past I had a County Sheriff wave me through, saying it was fine if I went past the gate!

We should ask the county to officially change the policy to exclude bike/walk from this.

Thank you! I agree. What is the appropriate County office to contact?

I am hoping that it will be open by next month.

The office of Mike Pullen is where I get answers to stuff like this - Mike Pullen | Multnomah County