Is lack of traffic enforcement in PDX racist & classist?

We have virtually eliminated traffic enforcement in Portland, Traffic deaths and vehicular violence are setting records in our city. Vision Zero is now a distant memory with no chance of becoming a reality. Yet the educated mostly white transportation activists in PDX are fixated on traffic barrels, cement rounds, road redesigns and “de-paving” which could take generations to occur if at all. Although long term improvements are important ignoring pragmatic common sense actions we can take today is folly. NYT morning report today on how traffic violence is disproportionately affecting the poor (and therefore African Americans as well). The Morning Newsletter - The New York Times

Those answers include: stricter enforcement of speed limits, seatbelt mandates and drunken-driving laws; better designed roads, especially in poorer neighborhoods; more public transit; and further spread of safety features like automated braking.


Ironically, it was prominent members of Portland’s African American community who originally insisted that traffic enforcement be reduced or eliminated, because the cops were enforcing laws in a racist manner. The white power structure of Portland then adopted that strategy, horrified of being branded “racist.” City Hall is also terrified of offending the police union, so rather than firing racist cops, they ended traffic enforcement. Traffic enforcement is critical to cyclist/pedestrian safety. It’s also critical to a liveable city. Vehicles are now frequently being used as assault weapons, this is only going to get worse until we get sensible about the need for a police presence on the streets.


I don’t know about traffic, but I know for certain PDX PBOT special police officers are routinely looking for scofflaws who violate parking regulations. I strongly suspect class discrimination though. Proactive patrol can not get to every square inch of the city; however I am seeing valid reports of violations being ignored, including citable offenses such as parking without APPP Zone G, parking longer than allowed by signs by derelict vehicles.

Dylan Rivera issued statements on behalf of the PDX PBOT they won’t tow occupied RV, but he stated anyone who overstays meter limit can expect to get cited. I am finding they’re not living up to this when urban camper related violations are reported. The city council never issued a directive saying unhousedness is an affirmative defense to parking code violations anywhere.


Unfortunately too many college educated White Saviors who think they know best for working class folx and BIPOC in Portland. Change won’t happen until these people begin to vote differently.

they never will. Look at Maus, he’s their poster child.

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Can you cite or explain why you decided to describe transportation activitists in Portland as being “mostly white”?

Even if they were, it wouldn’t be something to be alarmed about unless the racial composition of transportation activist are drastically different from the area racial makeup.

If the composition was 80% white in a community where the area population is only 50%, there’s a cause for concern.

LOL…omg we have people citing “white power” in Portland. Really?