Is it reasonably safe to ride from Amtrak to PDX?

Hi, Seattleite here looking for a little expertise.

I’m flying to Europe from PDX to do some bike touring. I’d prefer to take the train from Seattle then ride out to the airport. Is this a reasonably safe ride? I wouldn’t want to ride for DT Seattle to SeaTac.

Also, if I choose to box my bike at home instead of bag it at the airport, can I still Amtrak to Portland Union Station and then public transit to get a medium size cardboard bike box to PDX? Thank you! There’s some info out there in the internet but wheels on the ground from real local cyclist is always better :slight_smile:

I’ve never ridden out to PDX, but I can speak to the ease of getting from Union Station to PDX on the MAX (red line). It’s a few blocks to walk from the station to the MAX stop, but then it’s a straight shot to the airport.
From looking at the bike routes to the airport I’d say you could get most of the way there comfortably and then you’d have an unpleasant 2 miles before you arrived. You could combine the two and ride out to the red line along 205 and take the MAX from there?

I’d like to know more about this bag at the airport plan.

As far as routes, Google’s suggestions are fine:
cross the Broadway bridge
up Williams
Going to 37th
Holman to 42nd which turns into 47th
Cornfoot to Alderwood
82nd to Airport Way Frontage rd

Alternatively, you could jog over from Williams to Irving park, take Klickitat to 57th to Cully and meet up with Alderwood at Columbia. But I don’t really like that Cully/Columbia/Alderwood connection. Crossing Columbia at 42nd/47th is better.

Hi. “Safe” is always hard to judge because everyone has a definition of what is safe for them.

I find the Google suggestion from @Steve relatively OK except for a few spots that can be managed if you are a confident rider. But yes, you could MAX from train to Airport. It wouldn’t be as interesting as the ride, but would get you there without much trouble.