Is having unauthorized bicycle dismantling shop on the sidewalk in downtown (SW 12th/SW Columbia) the new norm?

A month ago, Portland’s Bike Theft Task Force left. The page. Their Twitter page hasn’t seen any recent activities but the internet web page is still active Bike Theft Task Force | The City of Portland, Oregon

There’s a large unpermitted, sidewalk blocking, bicycle dismantling operations SW 12th Ave at SW Columbia in downtown right across the street from

filled with bicycles and their components of unknown origins is getting worse and worse. It started off with just a few frames, but now there are 6-10 frames piled up blocking the sidewalk and numerous parts everywhere all in plain view, at least late at night. It is reminiscent of some third world countries. Is this the new norm??

Not sure if this does any good now that the Bike Theft Task Force has been disbanded :slightly_frowning_face:and Officer Dave Sanders has left the department.:slightly_frowning_face: But there is a link on their still functioning webpage to submit a tip. You could try that.

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