Installing Parallel Stair Bike Gutters in a Residential Facility

I am thinking of asking my HOA to partner with me to install parallel ramps that can accommodate our basement trash bins as well as bicycles. So my immediate question centers around zoning in private residences, and then if our seven-stair access were then considered to have encroachments issues for pedestrians from these tracks. I think our waste haulers would certainly appreciate it, as well as my bike-owning neighbors. I believe the trash bins have about a 24" wide wheel base, and the stairs are wider than that but I haven’t measured them yet. Would that constriction pose a tripping hazard for those navigating between the tracks? The building was built in 1909 and does not have any ADA accommodations. I am not sure where to go to discover planning restrictions, and I’m not even sure the City needs to be involved.

If you have any resources that I can reach out to I’d really appreciate it!