If you value our MUP's watch this video

We need to vote differently if we want clean and safe bike paths/MUP’s

Ballots are out!

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I don’t even have to watch the video to know our politicians have failed us.
When I take the train along I-84 I see the evidence in huge piles of garbage. When I see someone near my work yelling at the air. Today, going to the grocery store, seeing a person dancing to an imaginary beat (this person was obviously intoxicated with something).
I’m not voting for any of the current crew of leaders who have done nearly nothing. In what 10 years(?) of the so called housing emergency how many people been actually helped off the streets? I believe it is around 500-750. And I don’t mean the fake numbers put out by the county that only count those that were “helped” or put into motels/hotels.
It is really telling when the County and City have 100s of millions of dollars from the tax payers and have pretty much accomplished next to nothing.

Ok, off my soapbox, going to fill out my ballot now!


Yep, but still watch it. It’s telling.

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It’s disappointing that such bland, unspecific moral outrage is what counts for enough leadership to run for office these days. Anyone in Portland (hell, anyone living in a west coast city) could have said what Mayfield said in the video. I didn’t hear any proposal for HOW to do what we all know needs to be done.


Check out her website for more details https://www.votemayfield.com We need someone to clean up our trails, our sidewalks and our city. The current elected officials aren’t doing it.

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Not really loving the trash, but loving even less that in any direction that you look, all you see are noisy, ugly roads full of cars.

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Sure. And if we want clean and safe MUP’s so we can get off the roads riding we need to vote differently.


If I had only ONE choice, it would be take care of the trash over cars any day.

But what’s wrong with working for solutions for BOTH? Can’t groups of people multi-task??


We need to vote differently if we want leaders to multi-task. The activist ideologues we have elected focus on virtue signaling around their pet issues and little else.


Simply removing funding for outdoor vagrancy enabling services would help reduce problems.