I just need to vent

I had an accident last week on Naito and need to vent since no one at City Hall or a lawyer seem to care

I was riding my daily commute last Wednesday at 8:20 and went to cross Naito at Yamhill. The only place to cross with the construction that you can stay with the direction of cars. Well PBOT is still working rather lazily on Naito and evidently had just poured concrete. Did they put up signed or tapes or cones? No they did not, so I rode through and got caught. I went down very hard, hit my head, elbow and hips.
The construction guys just laughed. Why shouldn’t they? They know no one will care about a bicyclist and they will suffer no repercussions.

I am sick of how they city treats bikes and their riders. The bike lanes are filled with art leaves, debris, gravel, standing water and the remains of past street repairs never properly finished.

We need to take back the streets. We should be protecting the bike lanes and other bikers.

Once again I am left with a bruised body, a broken helmet an injured bike.

Can we do a class action against the city. Stop pretending like Portland is bike friendly when it isn’t.

Rant over


Totally hear you David. I share these frustrations and am kicking myself for not bringing up this kind of lack of care and bike lane maintenance to PBOT Commissioner in my recent interview. It’s such a big issue and I feel like we’re made to seem like whiners for raising awareness of it. I hope you heal up and keep riding. I’d strongly suggest that you email Hardesty and PBOT Report a non-urgent traffic safety concern to 823-SAFE | Portland.gov to tell them what happened.


Awful, I bet you were seeing red when those workers laughed at you, that’s truly a horrible thing of them to do. Pretty selfish actually considering they are usually the ones making bad passes in their construction pickup trucks more often than other drives, as far as I’ve seen.

This is why I record front/back 24/7 on all rides, and encourage everyone else to do so. With video evidence, you could’ve taken them to small claims court? maybe for damages to your bicycle, or sue. You can get cameras fairly cheap these days, I use a Ion Action Camera (great battery life) and a Gopro Hero Session for my rides, but I’d reccomend getting at least 1 cheap helmet camera minimum, for all cyclists.


I do have a camera, and I talked to a lawyer, who said it’s not worth it, the city will go after you tooth and nail. What I am most pissed about. I knew pnw drivers were assholes to bikes, but I bought the city PR/BS about being probike.

I think we need a more vocal movement. Start defending bike lanes from encroachment (poorly parked cars, delivery drivers, cars using as turning/passing Lanes) and immediately call out drivers for putting us in danger.


That vocal movement that you mentioned is exactly what I do on my rides. There’s this guy on youtube called MPLS Bike Wrath who has a 20 mile round-trip commute in Minneapolis, and whenever he sees bad driving he’ll call it out to their face, sometimes curse them out, and recite the law to them, before blasting them on his YouTube channel.

He’s been doing it for years, has been assaulted and hit&run by cars many times, and even had his bike stolen from him when he was stopping someone from parking in the bike lane and got attacked by a mob. 99% of the time the police do nothing when he calls them, they just don’t care. He’s stated that if 5-10 other cyclists did the same stuff he did in Minneapolis, they’d be able to really crack down on ignorant drivers. That’s why I plan to take up his role, but for the city of Portland and its cyclists.

Also sadly delivery drivers, uber drivers, bus drivers, and commercial vehicles can park in bike lanes for a short amount of time if they are actively picking up or dropping off packages/people under Oregon Revised Statutes. So we can’t retaliate against them like you wanted too, but MPLS Bike Wrath can in his state since they have better laws.

The law on filtering/lane splitting for bicycles here is also non-descript and therefor legal to do so on a bicycle. ORS 814.240 states that Motorcycle or Moped operators can not lane split, absoloutely nothing about bicycles which means that under ORS 814.400 they have no application to bicycles as specifically stated in the nature of the law.

Post the video. Send a link to bfa@bikeleague.org, which is the email that League of American Bicyclists gives to contact them about community’s bicycle friendly America rating. Tell them Portland should be downgraded from Platinum. LAB probably won’t do anything. Even if LAB reduced Portland from Platinum to, say, Silver, that doesn’t put any money in your pocket to pay for damages. But it does at least embarrass Portland, which may give you some satisfaction.


So sorry. We live in a lawless and failed city. It’s not easy. We need to vote in different leaders if we want to see a change. I hope you heal quickly.

PS Just made my 4th request for the city to clean up a bike parking area piled high with leaves and street debris. No reply. Typical.

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I’d strongly suggest that you email Hardesty and PBOT Report a non-urgent traffic safety concern to 823-SAFE | Portland.gov to tell them what happened.

The problem is Hardesty has shown zero interest in keeping our bike lanes clean and safe. She is focused on her personal crusades instead of governing effectively. It’s what we get for electing an activist to be on City Council and a failed “weak mayor” system that is in place in Portland. You can email Joann and PBOT, very unlikely anything will be done. Unfortunately, Portland is now the “city that does not work”.

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I share these frustrations and am kicking myself for not bringing up this kind of lack of care and bike lane maintenance to PBOT Commissioner in my recent interview.

Jonathan, I wonder if you were too focused on not offending her? I don’t mean to offend you as I know interviewing is a difficult job but it seemed to me like your interview had lots of “softball” questions for the Commissioner.

thank you for venting. I, for one, appreciate it. there are days when it just hurts and sucks. When Hazel wrecked last month heading over the Broadway Bridge and turning onto Lovejoy - bad enough for a fancy ride to the ER, I saw the beautiful side of Portland. I saw the Portland I remember.

Today I got the other side.

It feels likes it’s always one extreme or the other. We can’t just exist. We are either revered or reviled. I honestly don’t want either - I just want to safely be. Just be.