I can’t bike to grocery/drug store now (sad in Portland)

Unfortunate that Portland has lost 2 valuable stores which allowed people to obtain economically priced groceries and other necessities without resorting to gas powered transportation.

It’s unfortunate the declining level of public safety is making it difficult for critical businesses to remain in Portland.

In my opinion, we need to vote differently to change this trajectory. More of the same is not working.

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I’m not crying over any closed Walmarts.

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Matt, you may not be crying about Walmart leaving but I am. Along with many of my financially challenged and BIPOC neighbors. It’s a big loss for Portland and we are becoming more and more car dependent unfortunately.

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Walmart is a net negative for anybody who is not in the Walton family. Never gonna cry for them. They’re bad people.

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I’m more of a realist. Lower income folks gravitate to Walmart because they offer lots of decent merchandise at good prices. Lower income folks (which include a higher % of BIPOC) don’t have the luxury to be so idealistic.

And let’s stick to the issues please…making personal attacks is not productive or part of the community guidelines of this forum.

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Sorry, I realize now it looks like I meant you were the one flagging me. I’m pretty sure I know who it is and it’s not you. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise.

I am located very close to the closed Walmart on 82nd and Holgate. That means I’m also very close to the Winco on Powell and 82nd. Winco has better food and a better business model than Walmart, anyway. That doesn’t help the people who were relying on Walmart’s pharmacy, though. (Walgreen’s is still convenient but definitely more expensive.) I remember there was a nice thrift store that used to be where they built the Walmart, and I remember the Albertson’s that used to be where L A Fitness is now. I remember when Eastport Plaza was an indoor mall and had a Newberry’s. Things change. We adjust. I do think using Trimet, even though petroleum-powered, is OK as long as they re running the buses with or without your participation. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, on top of that Wallmart usually offers a lot of discounts on positions. Closing those definitely going to hit hard for some of the weaker social groups. Probably can expect more businesses leaving in next few years unless situation changes