I-5 widening with caps moving forward

I-5 widening with a 4 acre cap. Bring on the urban biking and gentrification! Should be a great improvement to the beaten down City of Portland.

Things that make profits for companies (in this case construction) are supported by the government.
Things that help nontraditionally housed or people needing a helping hand are paid lip service and mostly ignored.
Glad our politicians remember Lincoln’s words and hold them to heart
“that government OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE”
Or maybe they instead heard:
“that government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations”

I had thought about adding a /s tag, but then no, not sarcastic, all too truthful. Sigh.

“Nontraditionally housed”? Is “houseless” not PC enough anymore?

Everyone likes to make up new phrases/words, so I decided to join the bandwagon!
Also, certain forum moderators don’t like certain words being used.