How to sell a really nice kids bike?

I’m selling a Scott speedster JR24
I thought people would read the details but I’ve had two adults think it was a grown up bike. Is this not clear?

I think your problem is the phrase “young person.” My immediate assumption is someone between 16 and 25, or so. Yes, you said “kids” in the title, but apparently that has to be reinforced. Give a height range, maybe?

Thank you!!! Doing that now!

Did you see the thread here where @keviniano is looking for a bike for his seven year old?


If you are selling this on Craigslist, Offerup, etc. you should know that many people don’t read. They come with a certain something in mind. Whether what they want or think they are buying and what you are selling is the same or similar is often unclear until they show up. Hard to fix this.


The ads is on Facebook Marketplace, it will better if you will use the world children instead. I hope that you will be able to find a customer soon for it seems like the bike is still on a good condition(it looks like brand new).

youth, tween, small teen? petite adult? i am 5 feet tall with short arms and almost 60 years old and that bike would probably fit me…so maybe put age + height. i have the reverse problem when i look for bikes. esp, women’s. size is rarely mentioned (eg: xs, s, m, l, xl) and folks put tire size rather than standover or seat tube height.