How to reunite a found (almost certainly stolen) bike with its owner?

I see places (e.g., Bike Index) where owners of bikes, or of bikes that were stolen, can register or seek their bike, but I didn’t find a way for me—the one who found a bike stashed on his property—to log it/the serial number/photos. Suggestions?

I mean if people were able to enter “found” bikes and others can see the serial number, that’s a bad idea since any random people can write that serial number, claim it was stolen, read off the serial and say it’s theirs.

You could try searching by make and model if searching by serial fails Search results and try to contact owners of stolen bikes matching the description… but other than that, turn it to the police as “found property”.

If you want to email me the bike details (make/model/color/serial) to I can assist

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I had a bike dumped in my planting strip, posted it and its picture as “found” anywhere I could post for free, and asked that any reply provide serial number or other identifying information. No one did, and I called the police and they picked it up.

Since the selling of stolen bikes is a felony, I believe this “drop off” based indirect transfer is intentionally used by bike thieving transients when transferring to their fence in order to avoid selling to undercover.

So citizens intervening and immediately turning over to the police could make a minor difference.

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