How to get PBOT to help Parkrose access?

I live in Parkrose and have been riding off and on for 15 years into Portland-west of 82nd. A real limiting factor is NE Prescott between 102nd and 82nd. The worst section is the 205 bridge to NE Sandy. Who is the right agency to address this? PBOT? And what is a good way to engage with them? Any tips? I’m ready to start a long term project to get better access for this NE neighborhood, but wanted to see if anybody had ideas for how to get started.


Here’s a link that could prove most helpful.

The 2030 Bike Master Plan. While this section of Prescott is in the 2030 plan, funding and implementation of this project (#8220) is, at this time, reliant on PBOT to move forward. A great place to start, and learn more about Outer East Portland active transportation projects, is to attend the East Portland Action Plan’s Land Use and Transportation committee meetings.

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Another link to the East Portland In Motion plan.
Hope this proves useful.

Awesome. Thank you so much! I’ll read and look for their meeting schedule.