How to do a good send off?

Portland is a great place to start a cross country or down the coast bike adventure. We will fly in to Portland and put our bikes together at the bike build station at the airport and ride east on the bike trail to get to the river then ride west to Astoria. The question is what to do next. Do we get out of town asap to avoid traffic? Or should we go to the Wednesday bike and brew at George’s and stay in town our first night? A nice send off would be fun. Where do we find bike friendly lodging there? If we get out of town after our plane lands at 10:30am there doesn’t seem to be much lodging 1/2 day out of town. We are trying to go motel to motel but might need to bring camping gear if we can’t find consistent bike friendly lodging all the way to San Francisco. Any resources would be appreciated.

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Stay in town. Just be sure to lock up your bike tight. We no longer have a Bike Theft Task Force (disbanded after Floyd and the riots) and property crime has skyrocketed plus only one property crime detective for the whole city. You can still have fun, just remember it’s the “new Portland”. Sounds like a great ride. Cycle on!