How to avoid the Troutdale truck stops

Hey everyone. I live in Troutdale and I really appreciate the community support everyone recently provided by getting ODOT to redo the guardrails along the Historic Columbia River Highway out here.
I wanted to bring to the community a bit of knowledge that some are clearly not aware of.
Many riders enjoy riding east on Marine drive and traveling up the Highway to Vista House and beyond. What many don’t realize is that you no longer need to ride through the unsafe mess that is the frontage road or 257th to get to the highway anymore. I still see riders taking their lives into their own hands and going through this area.
Instead, you can increase your connection with the Sandy river by using the newish bridge over the Sandy at I-84. Here is a link to the route showing how to get there and use this new path/bridge.
I hope this helps anyone who enjoys riding their bikes out this way.

Eric Neiwert


YES! Thank you for sharing this. And I’m so glad we have a Troutdale resident on the forums now! Please feel free to post updates from what you see/hear regarding roads and riding out there in general.

And for anyone curious, Eric is 100% spot-on. I never go by that truck stop since finding this route. If you want to see a few pics check this 2015 BP story I shared about it → Exploring new connections between Marine Drive and the Historic Highway -