How much more are you willing to pay for things you buy for "last mile delivery by bike"

For those that zealously dislike cars, how much more are you willing to pay to opt for the “last mile delivery by bike” (i.e. from Swan Island hub to your house entirely by bicycle and transit)
Just curious

I don’t dislike cars, have a car and a truck myself, but if I had to pay more for items for bike delivery, I’d likely make harder decisions on what I’d buy or not via mail order.
If it was something I had to have I might just look locally and drive there to pick it up since I have very few stores in walking distance (I don’t bike anymore).

I feel like this is one of those things that should be included in the price (must like mandatory “tips” at restaurants). Make a big deal about last mile delivery by bike, but don’t charge extra for it. I do wonder, as a correlation, how many people pick the Carbon Neutral UPS option, which is an additional cost.

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I’d be willing to pay more, but I think the hypothetical is poorly chosen. “Last mile” is not Swan Island to, say, Parkrose but more like a distro hub in Gateway to Parkrose.

Really though, the issue is our market driven tendency to put it on individual consumers to make the right decision for the whole community. Amazon, UPS, etc al. are making the profits but you and I and all the asthmatic kids out there are breathing the particulates from diesels making stops every100 feet. And we’ll all be feeling those triple digit summer days.


I’d definitely be willing to pay more, but I’d rather have the city work with all the delivery companies to help them switch to e-trikes for delivery. The current delivery trucks are terrible, often blocking bike lines or sidewalks, keeping their engines idling during deliveries and are just too wide for some streets.

I’m all for alternatives, but I wonder, if a delivery driver with an e-trike wouldn’t still park in the bike lanes and sidewalks while doing their deliveries. Granted, wouldn’t stick out into the lane as much, but would still block it.

I’m sure they would, but as you said, not sticking out as much and hopefully utilizing car parking more than bike lines.

If they use an eTrike, you might as well call it using a miniature Tesla. Heavy assist or fully electric trikes are not cycling per BikePortland consensus