How do we get dangerous drivers off the street?

The Portland Police just arrested a man that killed another man with a vehicle in November. After striking the man with his vehicle, he fled the scene. The man that the police arrested has more than a dozen vehicle-related criminal charges on his record and he was due to appear in court on a felony charge the day before this most recent killing. I don’t understand why we don’t just throw unrepentant criminals like this in prison to keep them off the street and why we don’t hold them without bail while they await charges.

There was a similar incident on the St Johns bridge a couple of years ago, where a man who had a suspended license, and a list of vehicle-related violations a mile long that spanned decades, ran over and killed a bicyclist while driving a stolen car that was not safe to drive.

I understand that we are a liberal city and all that, but unrepentant, violent criminals who have extensive histories of operating deadly vehicles in unsafe manners without remorse despite repeated contact with law enforcement should be dealt with like the dangerous criminals that they are. How can we reform our system to get these people off the street to prevent them from killing anyone else?