How do we get a mini roundabout installed in our neighborhood?

We would like to disrupt traffic at an unsafe intersection in our neighborhood near Rocky Butte. What would be the steps to make this happen?

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I would start with contacting Joann Hardesty’s office. She will have orange barrels installed that will solve your problem!

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m hoping for something more permanent, but this would be a good start.

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Hi Laura,

I’d start by writing an email to PBOT via That’s the safety and livability complaint system that works really well, but it’s also very backlogged at the moment. Still, I think it’s worth getting it in the queue.

Then I’d consider getting neighbors together and speaking at the open comment period before every City Council meeting. This is a great way to speak directly to all commissioners – including PBOT Commish Hardesty.

And if you’re willing and able, get the issue on your n’hood association meeting agenda and see if you can get some support and traction from others. Perhaps get a statement or official position about it on n’hood association letterhead so PBOT can see that it’s legit and has support.

Then use social media to spread the word and tag PBOT accounts.

I’d also find the PBOT contact most likely to care about this (find staff emails on similar projects via their website), and try to establish an email rapport with them where you can keep them updated on what you’re doing about your concern.

As things develop, and if it gains some traction, keep me posted so that I can consider covering it on BikePortland.

Good luck and hope this helps.