Hit and Run NOT being investigated in Portland (warning: graphic photos)

Why aren’t the bike and transportation advocates advocating for investigation and prosecution of “hit and runs” against vulnerable people (pedestrians, cyclists)? Please read the article about 74 year old Julie Singh who was mowed down at Powell and 29th

Why don’t we hear from The Street Trust, Oregon Walks & Bike Loud on this?

Are they too busy advocating for less police and closing all major arterials to vehicles?

Why doesn’t Bike Portland cover this issue?
Jonathan would you do a story on the lack of investigations in Portland on hit and runs?

A 74-year-old woman says she was struck and nearly killed by a driver in southeast Portland, but police say the driver is nowhere to be found and they don’t have the resources to look.

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Here is Julie’s Nextdoor post about the hit and run. If anyone has any information please contact the PPB.

Don’t you love a city where people are allowed to just drive around in dilapidated vehicles as fast as they want and not even have license plates?


Yep and then many in Portland dismiss the problems saying “This happens everywhere” while the carnage continues. We need to END the local narrative that enforcement of laws is racist, ableist, sexist and whatever other excuses are being conjured up. This approach is not working in Portland.


but we have cool signs in our yards with “Love Wins” and “Black Lives Matter” and all that so that makes it better right?

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Cool straw man you made there.

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Actually I see the nexus Fungirl is discussing. It’s a bit indirect but it exists.

I see a flying spaghetti monster. It’s a bit absurd but it exists.

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I disagree with your assessment.